The Textile Review has been launched to raise the value and extend the life of single-use textiles recovered from the live events industry. Responsive reclaiming and repurposing of textiles significantly reduces environmental damage. Industries that use fabric in temporary ways now have options to repurpose, reuse and become part of the movement away from wasteful systems and habits. Let’s rethink value, let’s inspire responsibility.

Making Fabric Sustainable.

Our Story

by founder, Katie Briggs

Before I started The Textile Review, my love for live experiences and the magic of serendipity led me to work in live events. I engaged with audiences on a deep level through participation, energy and chance. This work helped me to understand people and places and to explore myself and my own creativity. Events are ephemeral. They are passing experiences. But these experiences leave lasting impact on attendees.

Katie Briggs, Founder

What also lasts from these events is mass material waste. Despite my love for the events industry, I could not ignore the huge problem of textile waste. The temporary and fleeting nature of live events has encouraged overwhelming single-use of materials. These materials should be valued far more. Whenever the life of a material is short, this is brutally damaging for the environment.

Mankind has learned to extract natural resources from the earth, use them in useful ways and then dispose of them. Short-life and single-use products require heavier, more frequent extraction and manufacturing of the resources. But we can decrease the demand on the earth for natural resources and power, embrace responsible manufacturing and champion circular economies through repurposing and reusing materials.

The Future…

Attitudes need to change – which is why I have launched The Textile Review. Providing fabric repurposing solutions so that single-use-per-event can become a thing of the past. My vision is a future where events take responsibility for the resources they use. The Textile Review can preserve the value of our resources. Let’s work together to skip the skips, reduce and re-use. With integrity, care and collaboration we can change the face of the live events industry and nurture our environment.

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